Why it matters?

What is Field of View (FoV) and why should you care?

The In-Game camera in a Racing Simulator (SIM) like rFactor, Grand Prix Legends, NASCAR Racing, Race 07, F1 Challenge '99–'02, Assetto Corsa, GTR 2, Project CARS and Richard Burns Rally has a defined Field of View (FoV) (also known as First-person Video games). This Factor defines how wide and narraw the camera angel is. In most SIM Games you can adjust these variables within the corresponding menu. I won't be able to tell you where these settings are as there are many games outside there. Google will be the best way to find out where to find the settings in your Game. You will find it quickly.

The camera in a SIM Game represents the position of your eyes in the Game world. The Field of View (FoV) in a SIM Game may change depending on the aspect ratio, screen size or distance. All games have different standard Field of View (FoV) Settings. The reason for that is explained simple: The software can't know how big your screen is or how far away from it you are. Therefore the software can't know how the field of view of the in-game camera should be set to make sure that there is no disconnect between your in-game vision and your real-world vision.

Sim Racing Explained Quick!

Chris Haye made a great video explanation on why it is important to care about Field of View in SIM Racing:

Syncing up the Real World View with the In-Game Field of View

This website offers a specific calculation to improve your SIM Racing experience. It takes into account the size and ratio of your monitor, distance that your eyes are positioned away from the monitor and number of screens you have (Single Screen / Triple Screen):

As both factors have an impact on each other, your Field of View (FoV) will stay the same if you increase the size of your monitors you move it away from your viewing position. However, when your Field of View (FoV) is set correctly, the game essentially extends your viewing position into the game world.

When the settings in your game aren't correct, the experience of your Real Life Vision becomes distorted and unrealistic.