Field of View Calculator:

Distance to Screen (cm)
Please provide a Distance between 30 and 200 cm
Screen Size (inch)
Please provide a Screen Size between 20 and 80 inches
You can choose a game in order to get the right settings. If you don't choose a game, you will get the general angles as result.

Calculate the FoV Factor for SIM Racing

The correct field of view factor is the key for SIM Racing Gamers in order to judge distances accurately. That's why real PROs only do SIM racing with the correct Field of View - Factor.

The following tool is a calculator that will help you to get the right settings for the most common SIM Racing Games. If your game is not listed you can leave the field blank. The tool will calculate the right angles which will help you to configure your SIM Station.

Field of View (FoV) from inside a Car